WikiPremed's Physics Flashcards

  • Over 400 concept and question cards
  • The essential physics for the new MCAT
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Carefully designed to be interesting and useful to learning, the WikiPremed Physics Cards help students achieve a solid conceptual grasp of college physics. This set of learning cards contains over 400 Concept, Summary and Question Cards with over 1000 illustrations, comprising a comprehensive learning system that teaches intuitive, conceptual fluency. As an assistant for test preparation or as a companion for lecture course, the WikiPremed Physics Cards help make physics less like a foreign language and more like common sense.

I just recently purchased the WikiPremed Physics Flashcards and they are absolutely great. These cards beat any other physics flashcards on the market. I highly recommend them to anyone either taking physics classes or preparing for the MCAT. I have my B.S. in physics and I wish the cards had been available when I was studying physics. The cards don't just have you memorize a bunch of facts but instead they help you to actually think about physics. These cards are great!

Dakota O'Rourke, Mobile Alabama

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