MCAT Masters

  • Conceptual primer and knowledge game
  • Makes MCAT preparation more fun and effective
  • With over 4000 flashcards covering 99 topics
  • Structures your knowledge base
  • Builds an awesome conceptual vocabulary

The most innovative publication ever created for premedical students, the MCAT Masters Conceptual Primer & Knowledge Game teaches the premedical curriculum at the level of fine detail as well as from the bird's eye view. With benefits for both conceptual vocabulary and knowledge base structuring, MCAT Masters increases the effectiveness of everything else you do in MCAT preparation.

Consisting of question books, a concept map game board, question slider, dice and playing pieces, MCAT Masters is not only a companion for individual study, but also a board game for individual or group play! The question books contain over 4000 questions and answers from the physical and biological sciences organized from fundamental to expert level within each topic. For individual study, MCAT Masters is a learning system to help you get ready for any MCAT passage. MCAT Masters represents the most fun and flexible representation of the MCAT knowledge base available.

MCAT Masters Concept Map

MCAT Masters teaches you the structure of the scientific knowledge-base. A beautiful Concept Map accompanies the Question Books, employing forms from world architecture to convey the conceptual relationships within the physical and biological sciences. Printed in full color on a durable, silk-like material called YUPO, the Concept Map shows a mental map of the universe from a scientific perspective. Additionally, it becomes a playing board, transforming MCAT Masters into a knowledge game for either individual or group play. MCAT Masters is a premedical learning system that makes preparing for the MCAT more fun.

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