Bird's Eye View Suggested Tasks - Module 1

Perform a memory drill for outlining physics. Work until you can say the missing topic five times in a row. Show you can reproduce the outline in full on a blank sheet of paper.

Browse Examkrackers Physics from beginning to end. Study the table of contents. Read the bold headings and the formulas. Look at the figures. Get a comprehensive picture of the scope of Physics. (You can do this assignment just as well using other learning materials, such as those from Berkeley, Kaplan or TPR).

Take a tour of physics by scrolling through the individual learning goals for all of physics in sequential mode at the My Goals Portal. Make your best estimate of your current level of comfort by entering a proficiency value for each goal as you proceed. This exercise will give you a comprehensive picture of physics and train your mind to the challenge ahead. This task should take approximately one hour.

Learning Goals

Gain the ability to Outline Physics at the main topic level. Be able to reproduce the outline from memory.

Be able to clearly picture the model phenomena described within each main topic of Physics and describe at least one or two main concepts from each topic.

Hold yourself accountable for having a mental picture of the field of reference for each subtopic. Try to think of the simplest situation describing the phenomena. What is the simple model system for each subtopic?


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