Module 2

Our primary focus in module 2 will be on electromagnetic phenomena: electricity, magnetism, and electromagnetic radiation. This will include a thorough treatment of electromagnetic force with its two flip-sides, the electrostatic and magnetic forces. We also treat light and optics. From the perspective of the overall course, the concepts of this module will help us set the groundwork for the beginning of general chemistry in module 3.

Main Progression

DC Current
Properties of Light
Geometric Optics
Wave Optics

Knowledge Mapping

Bird's Eye View - Take a tour of general and organic chemistry as a whole.
Conceptual Integration - Continue our theme of comparison and contrast of the gravitational and and electrostatic forces. Continue to lay the groundwork for chemistry, applying electricity concepts so as to build a vocabulary to describe internal energy change in chemistry.
Testing - Take a short chemistry diagnostic test to establish familiarity with the challenges ahead a help set the baseline in the learning management system.

Psychology & Sociology

Sensation and Perception

Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

Continue our regular practice of reading from a variety of nonfiction sources and continue building skills for the CARS section.

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