Essential Concepts for MCAT Psychology & Sociology

  • The most comprehensive resource available for MCAT psychology & sociology
  • Carefully structured to help organize your knowledge base
  • Study book with clear explanations and over 500 figures and illustrations
  • Accompanying flash-card set available for free download at AnkiWeb
  • Complete system for learning, self-assessment, and retention

For students accustomed to learning science, preparing for the new Psychology & Sociology section of the MCAT can be a real challenge. The social science knowledge-base doesn't seem to have a clear structure and the MCAT preparatory world hasn't responded with a great deal of adequate review materials. To help you respond to this challenge, the Essential Concepts in Psychology & Sociology learning system from WikiPremed is the only learning resource for this new section of the exam combining a full treatment of the conceptual material with a proven means of ensuring you have learned it.

The system includes the Essential Concepts for Psychology and Sociology primer. This book is meticulously designed to help you learn the concepts and structure your knowledge-base. With over 500 figures and illustrations, it is by far the most extensively illustrated learning resource available for this section. Accompanying the book is a set of over 1000 flashcards available for free download at AnkiWeb. These two publications work together to help you to learn what you need to know in psychology and sociology for the new MCAT. They are carefully designed to make the subject matter easy to understand, retain and apply in MCAT passages.

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