600 Practice Items for MCAT Psychology & Sociology

  • The definitive question review for MCAT psychology & sociology
  • Comprehensive coverage of all important concepts
  • In-depth explanations accompany every question

Mastery of the MCAT Psychology and Sociology section is more than a matter of conceptual terminology. Understanding these concepts in dialogue with each other is necessary, and so is bringing an informed critical perspective to the validity of theoretical and research claims. Most important is to become comfortable in a fluent, sophisticated way at applying the ideas to the complexities of psychological and social phenomena, whether these phenomena are presented as research data, in case studies or in everyday life. The multiple choice questions on the MCAT are about more than mastery of definitions. The questions require you to reason within a framework of insight and understanding about psychological and social phenomena.

The main purpose of this book is to help you develop your psychological and sociological reasoning. In our experience, a standard deviation of improvement is easier to achieve in the psychology and sociology section than it is with the science sections. The knowledge-base is not as encyclopedic, and the competition is not as strong because preparation is generally neglected for this section. You have to put in the work, but it’s easier to climb the curve in psychology and sociology than with the science sections. To help you succeed, we have devoted a great deal of thought and effort to creating this set of practice items. We have created an optimal mixture of straightforward, subtle and short passage questions for building the knowledge skills to you need for the new MCAT. We hope our work helps you achieve a great score!

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